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Albasoft CMS provides advanced features that make editing easy and enjoyable. You never have to worry about software being out of date. We push bug fixes, new features, and updates on a regular basis.
All features are part of the core distribution and your clients will love using it.

Email features

Our plans offer unlimited email accounts, web and mobile mail access.

Advanced Permission System

Access rights can be granted as you wish.


Experienced developers who are looking to create consistent secure sites


Make your websites in any language

Powerful site structure

Lets you create pages, generate navigation, manage content through a simple interface.

SEO Ready

Your websites will has been built, coded and programmed based on the latest programming architecture SEO techniques.

Built-in modules

Have you ever wondered about modules

Cloud Hosted CMS

No servers, software or databases, just HTML and CSS

Advanced full-text search engine

Creating an index of large text fields is included

Advanced Account

Most clients start using Albasoft CMS with little or no training

Advanced editing features

The ability of the user to be able to see what they are producing